Local Partners & Local Cuisine

With funding from The Rapides Foundation, PGP developed and implemented a campaign to promote the consumption of vegetables in Central Louisiana.  In the United States, the leading causes of death are heart disease, stroke, and cancer – all diseases that eating more vegetables may help prevent. Rates of heart disease, stroke, and cancer are higher in Louisiana than in the United States as a whole.  More than four in five Americans do not eat enough vegetables, making vegetables the most under-consumed of all recommended foods. In The Rapides Foundation’s nine-parish Central Louisiana service area, only 30 percent of adults eat three or more servings of vegetables a day according to the Foundation’s 2013 Community Health Assessment.

Development of the VegTogether campaign included feedback and collaboration from an Advisory Group made up of state and regional health organizations and community partners including: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation; Food Bank of Central La.; Fresh Central; Keller Enterprises; LSU’s Ag Center; Market Umbrella; Region VI Louisiana Office of Public Health; Pennington Biomedical Research Center; and Southern Ag Center.  The VegTogether campaign used a persuasive health message design employing humor, and was tailored by promoting locally available vegetables and popular recipes. PGP collected evaluation data designed to measure changes in beliefs and consumption, compared to a control region, which was analyzed by an external partner. VegTogether achieved approximately 18 million impressions, with evaluation results showing 81% message recall and 52% of adults reporting that they now serve more vegetables to their family thanks to the campaign.