Local Influencers Lead

Trenton, New Jersey has an extremely high teenage smoking rate, particularly among African American and Hispanic/Latino populations.  With funding from Trenton Health Team, PGP employed its technology suite to identify local individuals who had large social media followings of local teens.  PGP performed outreach to these influencers, recruiting them into a two-year health campaign. Influencers now regularly share campaign content, and are themselves featured in campaign videos.

Normally, anti-smoking campaigns have an incredibly difficult time reaching teens, and in particular minority youth.  However PGP’s use of local influencers and locally relevant messaging (messages reflect the lived experiences of the local community) have created a campaign with extremely high engagement rates.  

One particular campaign video was viewed 30,000 times in one week, with an overwhelmingly positive response coming from at-risk teens themselves.  The campaign uses no paid media - all views are organic.