Stronger is an advocacy campaign that fights against misinformation and for vaccines. We do this by working with partner organizations, sharing correct information, and arming people with ways to fight back. Stronger has launched, sign up to fight misinformation.

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COVID-19 Communications Support

PGP is monitoring coronavirus-related media conversations 24/7 to provide organizations with real-time public health expertise and messaging guidance. Visit for more information.

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our work

We apply best evidence and practices from the public and private sectors to bold projects for health.

our approach

PGP believes the how is just as important as the why when it comes to the execution of programs and campaigns. Our work is evidence-based, tailored for particular populations, employs a collective impact model, and uses the most cutting-edge methods and tools in communication. At the center of it all is rigorous, scientific evaluation.

about us

We are a public health nonprofit composed of experts in public health, media, and marketing. Each community that we work in is different; our role is to determine the most effective strategies for change, and empower the organizations and messengers who hold the public's trust. Whether it be our long-form documentaries, long-term campaigns, media monitoring and bots, grassroots social media organizing, or thought leadership, we deploy our considerable resources and connections to communication for change.

Our leadership

PGP selects its projects carefully, to ensure a proper fit with its mission, using several criteria.

  • Is it likely to improve the public’s health?
  • Is there an existing network of stakeholders already working on the topic that PGP can integrate with?
  • Will it be formally evaluated?
  • Will it have a large impact, either because it covers a large population or because its results are readily translatable?

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